What is a Sarong ?

A Sarong can mean different things to different people. It is known by different names across countries and time in history.

People in the South Pacific islands of Tahiti and Hawaii call sarongs. In France it is known as "Pareo". It has origins in the Southeast Asian countries as well such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Phillipinnes where it is known as a "Surong". In India a similar garment is known as "Sri". While in Africa they refer to it as "Kanga". Surprisingly it was present in ancient times of Rome and Greece where it was called as "Toga".

We choose to use the the most popular name "Sarong".

There are many names, however there even more ways to use a sarong!!!

Sometimes people refer to Sarong as a bathing suit cover-up, expression of art or simply sarong.

A study of customer feedback reveals that people use it for creatively adorable uses:

1. Awesome Dress

2. Curtains

3. Wall Hanging or Wall Art

4. Accents in the bedroom or living.

5. Comfortable and Sexy Skirt

6. Bathing Suit Cover-up

7. A Smart Shawl / Scarf

8. Table Cover

9. Seat / Couch Cover

10. Beach Blanket

11. Turban to tie you hair when you have just come out of shower or it's one of those bad hair days !

13. A cropped or Tie Shirt / Blouse

14. Fabric to Make Clothing

15. Halter Dress

16. Over the Shoulder Mini Dress

17. Goddess Dress

18. Shorts or Pants

19. Whatever your heart desires !

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